Mars Oral Probiotic with Blis K12-Mars Wellness

$19.50 - $420.00

The Mars Oral Probiotic with BLIS K12 boosts oral health and immunity, and has been clinically proven to protect against recurrent strep throat.  Early studies also show that BLIS K12 can reduce recurrence of ear and throat infections caused by other bacteria and viruses.  BLIS K12 is pediatrician recommended and approved.  

Directions: Take 1 dissolvable tablet daily after brushing teeth, before bedtime.  Allow tablet to dissolve in the mouth slowly and completely.  For best results, do not eat for 30 minutes after taking.  For severe cases, take at least 2 tabs daily. 

Although it is safe to take Mars Oral Probiotic with BLIS K12 at any time of day or with food, it may not be as effective.  Mars oral probiotic does not need to be used while taking antibiotics.  A healthy diet is encouraged while taking Mars Oral Probiotic to enhance its efficacy. 

  • Scientists have discovered that BLIS K12 helps prevent Streptococcus and other infections in the oral and ear cavities in adults and children
  • BLIS K12 or Streptococcus salivarius K12 helps reduce the need for antibiotics and does not damage the body’s normal bacterial flora
  • Mars Oral Probiotic formulation contains a super potent 4 BILLION CFUs of BLIS K12  
  • Take daily for long term oral support or for at least 3 months following a strep infection
  • OU-D Kosher certified, gluten free, vegan, no food coloring
  • Made in the USA

Disclaimer: Mars Oral Probiotic with BLIS K12 does not replace the need for antibiotics during an active strep infection.  Mars Oral Probiotic with BLIS K12 should only be used as prevention for another infection. This product may not be safe if you are immune-compromised.  Speak with your doctor if you have any medical conditions. 

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