New Med Spec Fracture Hand Metacarpal Boxer Splint


 The Boxer Splint is easy to adjust and offers superior comfort and support to enhance compliance. It is indicated for fourth or fifth metacarpal fractures. The malleable palmar and dorsal aluminum stays are easily bent to immobilize the patient's hand in the desired position. The molded plastic clamshell design protects and supports the fourth and fifth metacarpals without restricting the flexion of the MP joints. The polypropylene felt liner provides superb padding and allows moisture to evaporate away from the skin. The metacarpal closure strap features our patented V-Strap Retention System that prevents the strap from sliding out of the plastic buckle when applying or removing the splint.  L3807 Med Spec Boxer Splint (right)

  • 223582 Small Fits: 4 1/2" - 5 3/4" Med Spec Boxer Splint (right)
  • 223584 Medium Fits: 5 3/4" - 7" Med Spec Boxer Splint (right) 
  • 223585 Large Fits: 7" - 8 1/4" Med Spec? Boxer Splint (right)
  • 223586 X-Large Fits: 8 1/4" - 9 1/2"

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