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Choosing the Best Office Chair for SI Joint Pain

Choosing the Best Office Chair for SI Joint Pain

So you’ve been diagnosed with SI Joint Dysfunction and you go all out to treat it: you buy a sacroiliac belt, do your home exercises and rest your back whenever you can. But wait, there’s one more important step in healing your lower back: making sure you’re not worsening the situation as you sit by your desk for 8 hours a day.

How can sitting worsen your condition? Simple. Sitting at your desk may be necessary but it most definitely isn’t healthy. The U.S. Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OHSA) says that sitting long hours at your desk can lead to a number of health issues related to back pain.

The solution for this is to make sure you have an office chair that offers good lumbar support, and if not go out and purchase one. In fact, according to this roundup from, all good office chairs should be providing lumbar support. The lumbar is the area of the back right above the sacroiliac joint and chairs with good lumbar support will also provide good support to the rest of the lower back, including the SI joint.

Additionally, research from Iowa State University suggests you make sure your office chair isn’t too big. Make sure you aren’t leaning forward in your chair, another no-no.

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