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How to Pop a Pimple Like The Pros

How to Pop a Pimple Like The Pros

Every article online says not to but we all do it. Of course we’re talking about popping pimples, whiteheads and blackheads. If you’re a teenager standing in front of the mirror and popping “zits” is probably a task done at least once daily.

Yes, there are risks involved in popping these ugly skin invaders, risks such as infection, permanent scars or introducing new bacteria to the affected area. But if you’ve visited the dermatologist you know that they pop your pimples so why can’t you do it? The truth is that blackhead popping and overall pimple popping can be done at home with little risk if it’s done properly.

The first task is to purchase a comedone extractor set. What’s that? Here’s a quote from “Dermatologists and well-trained estheticians know how to pop a pimple safely. They wear gloves and lance a pimple with a sterile needle, then remove the contents with an instrument called a comedone extractor.”

Comedone extractors, or blemish extractors, are tools that are used to apply pressure around the pimple and then gently squeeze the affected area in a safe and sterile way, releasing the oil from inside the pimple. The Mars Wellness 5 Piece Blemish Extractor Set includes a lance which is used to pop the pimple, and tools of all sizes to attack blackheads, whiteheads and pimples that come in all shapes and sizes.

These tools are far more effective than using your fingernails for a number of reasons:

They have the ability to reach those areas where your fingers don’t fit and can’t squeeze.

The stainless steel tools are easy to sterilize and are a sanitary way to get rid of your pimples.

The compact design of the each tool allows for easy fit around the pimple, and is designed to be able to apply the right amount of pressure that will extract the puss from the pimple.

The design minimizes the excess squeezing in and around the affected area, resulting in less tearing of the skin, resulting in much less damage to the skin, giving you the best acne treatment without leaving acne scars.

While these tools work great it’s always best to keep in mind that there are certain pimples that cannot be popped even by dermatologists. The red pimples-cysts and nodules-are closed pimples and are deep inside your skin and need to be treated with medication or compression but not with popping, which will only lead to scarring. Read more about different kinds of acne HERE.

Image: Teen Logic on Imgur

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